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Join us at Logan Pride

Celebrating Diversity

Logan Pride strengthens, serves, and advocates for the Cache Valley LGBTQ community, including individuals, their families, and allies. We strive to bring our communities together in equality and love.

Open Hours: Winter 2021-22

The house is gradually reopening for groups, meetings, and events. We hope to establish regular hours so that everyone can come in to relax and hang out.

If you have an idea for a new group or activity, please feel free to reach out.

You might also enjoy volunteering here. Think of the people you'll meet!

Get Involved!

Logan Pride is looking for passionate people to participate in these exciting ways and make a difference in our community.

If one of these roles sounds right for you, let's talk! Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Survey and register for an upcoming Volunteer Training Session. If you'd like to talk first or have any questions, please feel free to reach out via info@loganpride.org.

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Manage promotion of Logan Pride Foundation and all LPF events, groups, activities etc. through most effective social media channels and traditional means. Supervise other volunteers to help you carry out your plans as needed. Generate and maintain email and other subscription lists for LPF media blasts.

Graphic Designer

Flexible schedule as needed. Generate or update all graphics needed for social media campaigns, event banners, LPF promotions etc.

Fundraising Coordinator

Research and carry out various ways to raise needed funds (e.g. Finding new sponsors, Amazon/Smiths or other businesses percentage share, special fundraising events, in-house sales of Pride flags, t-shirts etc., yard sales, etc. etc. etc.). Supervise other volunteer assistants to help you carry out your plans.

Group and Event Hosts

Mostly set-up before, host during, clean-up after. Weekly or monthly duties usually 1-3 hours at a time. LPF Volunteer Training Workshop attendance required.

  1. SAGE - weekly
  2. Coffee & Cocoa - weekly
  3. Healthy Eating potluck - monthly
  4. Women’s Group - (in the works but not finalized)
  5. LGBTQ+ Post-Mormon Group - schedule undetermined
  6. Your ideas?
Special Event Table Staffing

A few volunteers who can occasionally help staff the LPF Info Table at special events (community events, County Fair, University events, Health Fair etc.)

Legal counsel

Have a law degree and hopefully currently practicing law to advise us on legal issues, LPF official documents, 501(c)(3) maintenance etc.

Office and House Manager

Organizational skills as well as experience with virtual document filing.

Group and Event Coordinators

These would be key committee leadership positions as needed. Take charge of planning and carrying out specific events or groups or a sub-committee leader of a major event, directing other volunteers to assist you in carry out your plans etc.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Business Directory Coordinator

Develop a practical and proven list of Cache Valley's LGBTQ+ friendly and supportive businesses: collect community nominations, verify with business owner, maintain listings, manage certifications or training for businesses, maintain job postings, LGBTQ+ friendly door/window sticker, promote sponsor businesses, find more sponsors, etc.

Logan Pride Festival 2022 Chair and Festival Subcommittee Chairs

Manage Logan Pride's keynote annual event.

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